A Young Lad and his Giant Peach!

Hey Tribe

Can I just say James and the Giant Peach is a wonderful story by one of my favourite author’s Roald Dahl. It was so exciting to see an adaptation at my local theatre, the West Yorkshire Playhouse! What a tribute it was. With a refreshingly talented ethnically diverse cast, a beautiful psychedelic set and innovative use of props, we were transported to the imagination of our virtuous protagonist James. His journey started out a sad one where he ended up with no family to finding his true family in some alternative insect friends.

As a theatre maker the best part for me was the way the actors created some of the music for the piece by playing their own instruments. Another interesting quality was how the audience were engaged with the performance in a really fun way, which brought joy to everyone experiencing the show. Playing “keepy uppy” with the bouncing peach which was thrown back and forth into the auditorium and the young people getting to visit the oversized famous peach at the evil aunt’s house on stage. These worked well as ways to break down the fourth wall between audience and performers allowing the children to interact with and take part in the story.

Can we have Matilda next please!

Much Love

Leah Francis of Tribe Arts. xx

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