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Training & Advice

As well as being performers and artists, Tribe Arts specialises in facilitating, leading and designing bespoke training, consultancy and advice for cultural organisations around the following areas:

  • Diversity (with a focus on race)
  • Antiracism – an introduction
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Decolonising Mindsets & Attitudes
  • Antiracist Structures & Management
  • Terminologies & Contextual Histories
  • Decolonising Artistic Practice
  • Decolonising Casting
  • Decolonising Recruitment
  • How to be a Rebel Artist/Organisation
  • Privilege and Intersectionality
  • Equality of Opportunity & Outcomes
  • Non-Eurocentric Talent Development
  • Empowerment & Resilience

We work towards building the attitudes, tools and resources needed to foster continual self-aligning and self-development to the chosen packages following an encounter with our sessions, and attempt to leave an indelible, practical impression to ensure there is a level of confidence in sustained knowledge production and development.

Our consultancy can focus on short-term impact for immediate change, or longer-term research and strategy development in response to a specific organisational challenge.

If you’d like to learn more and discuss how we could work with you, please complete the form below.