A new, interactive e-zine dedicated to
black and Asian theatre and culture in the UK.

format_quoteTheatre is changing and that means the conversation around theatre has to change too. Off/Stage uncovers the legacies that have been hidden from view and celebrates the ground-breaking theatre being made by artists of colour here and now.format_quote
Lyn Gardner


Off/Stage is the one stop publication dedicated to black and Asian theatre and culture in the UK, the only one of its kind. Off/Stage seeks to be a space of conversation and highlighting excellence ‘for us and by us’ as artists of colour.

Conceived during national lockdown, the reviewing of live shows was limited, however, Off/Stage also serves people of colour as a platform to read about our histories, our stories and deliberate on important themes of identity, belonging, representation and equality.


Issue 1

September 2020

OffStage Issue 1

Issue 2

November 2020

Off/Stage - Issue 2

Issue 3

January 2021

Off/Stage - Issue 3
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