Tribe on Campus

Since their inception, Tribe have focused on themes of identity, belonging, social change and critical race theory in their works. This has resulted in them being invited to speak at various events at University campuses around the country to discuss their research and share their practice and technique.

Black History Month Interruptions!

2019 // Central School of Speech & Drama

Black History Interruptions! was a week long programme of events that took place in collaboration between the Learning Skills programme and the Centre for Race, Education, and Decoloniality, Leeds Beckett University during Black History Month in 2019.

Tribe facilitated workshops with students at the Central School of Speech and Drama to discuss the practice of decolonial theatre and the representation of black bodies on stage.

Disorienting Race

2019 // Leeds Beckett University

Tribe were invited to speak at Disorienting Race at Leeds Beckett in 2019.

Curated by Dr Shona Hunter, it brought together engaged interdisciplinary scholars and performers to explore the ways in which intersecting hierarchies of race are disrupted and reinforced through everyday practices such as how we look, talk think and act though our biographies and identities, our institutions, in our common places at the local shop, in the school and in our governing spaces.

Disorienting Race
Tribe @ After Empire

After Empire

2018 // University of Leeds

Tribe were invited on the panel at the University of Leeds to speak at After Empire, a conference held in December 2018 which facilitated a discussion over race, migration, Empire and British identity fifty years after Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.

New Perspectives on Participatory Arts

2018 // University of East Anglia

Tribe were invited to speak about how they use Tribe Talks as a tool of participatory theatre in this conference exploring new knowledge and practice generated by around participatory arts.