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Tribe Talks

Produced & Hosted by:
Tajpal Rathore

Conceived by:
Samran Rathore, Tajpal Rathore

Story by:
Samran Rathore, Tajpal Rathore

Following the pilot in 2015, which was an off-the-cuff event to assist with research about the Empire, Tribe Talks has since been in development and has only become more ambitious in its vision.

Over 4 years, and 4 captivating and electric stagings of the show, Tribe Talks will chart the epic story of the black & Asian people, from the first migration out of Africa 100,000 years ago to present-day Britain:

  • The Origins Tour
  • The Migrations Tour
  • The Empowerment Tour
  • New Culture & Beyond

Each show will be staged in the defining Tribe Talks style, a radical new format of participatory theatre, where a panel of esteemed speakers motivate the audience to talk, chat, discuss, debate, consider and fathom the topics of discussion – think the BBC’s ‘Question Time’, but interspersed with live performance, music and film.

Get ready for mind blown.