Tribe Talks


Produced, Directed & Hosted by:
Tajpal Rathore

Conceived by:
Samran Rathore, Leah Francis

Story by:
Samran Rathore, Leah Francis, Sid Akbar Ali

Angus McLeod

A radical new format of participatory theatre, where a panel of esteemed speakers motivate the audience to talk, chat, discuss, debate, consider and fathom the topics of discussion – think the BBC’s ‘Question Time’, but interspersed with live performance, music and film. The event was based around 4 themes;

  • The effects of Empire and Colonialism
  • Riots, Struggle and Upheaval
  • Civil Rights and Revolution
  • New Culture

Programmed as part of the Bradford Literature Festival, we engaged, entertained and provided a bespoke 3-course meal for all attendees! A conduit for social consciousness and healing, Tribe Talks seeks to be the way to have important conversations. Tribe are now focusing on a 4-year plan for Tribe Talks which will chart the history of the black and Asian people from the first migration out of Africa to present day in the UK. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with the latest one this.