A coming of age offering written and performed by one of our Associate Artists, Nikah is the intimate story of a boy from Bradford – Siddique Akbar Ali.

His name may sound foreign, but he’s very, very British. A cup of Yorkshire tea fills him with comfort and he enjoys all the things a typical 15-year old lad would. But he has a dark story to tell. His world is about to contort and twist into a nightmare that even he can’t understand; where the people who should love and protect him, take advantage of his naivety and abuse his freedoms. He is being forced to marry, but he doesn’t know who she is, or what this will mean for him.

Nikah is the inspiring one-man story of endurance, empowerment and the realisation of the self.

You can catch the show at Theatre in the Mill, Ovalhouse and Camden Peoples Theatre.

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