An Audience with Kathleen Cleaver (or the Spectacle of Mr Next Question & Mrs No It Doesn’t Exist)

Last week, Tribe attended a conference event featuring eminent former Black Panther member, Kathleen Cleaver, organised by the Black Studies department of Birmingham City University. Right from the outset, I can tell you these events are severely few and far between in the UK, and I was excited about how it would all go; the […]

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Tribe Arts | A new venture awaits!

Duh Duh Duuuuuuuh! Yes its that dramatic, welcome to the first blog post of Tribe Arts, we are a collective of British Black and Asian artists exploring new and hidden stories through our own experiences (This may change, as we're still figuring that out). Tribe Arts came together in 2013 part of Black History month, [...]
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