In May 2015, Tribe Arts launched with their unique performance-discussion format, Tribe Talks, as part of Bradford Literature Festival.

This is an innovative format of multidisciplinary participatory theatre, which blends discussion with theatre, with the hope that the discussion will find a higher truth – think Question Time but interspersed with live performance, music and film.

The topics under discussion change depending on Tribe’s creative focus, but the pilot focused on the effects of Empire, colonialism, identity and revolution.

Tribe Talks: Origins

Tribe piloted this innovative format of participatory theatre at the National Media Museum in May 2015. It was to be a one-off event. But like all one-off events, it started creating ripples of its own making and was a great success.

Now, back by popular demand, Tribe will stage a Northern Tour, recreating the magic for even more audiences to take part.

Tribe talks is now an ambitious 4-year project, which will expose the epic story of the Black and Asian people from the first migration out of Africa 100,000 years ago to present post-colonial Britain.

Tribe will be hitting Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Sheffield, Hull, Liverpool & Newcastle. Watch this space for more details.


In May 2016, Tribe staged a special live feedback sharing event called #tribeshakespeare400.

This tested and showcased 6 selected scenes from a bigger original play written by Tribe, to mark Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary.

Following from this R&D preview sharing, Tribe will now work towards realising this bigger production.

More details to come soon.


Nikah: The One-Man Show

A coming of age work-in-progress sharing written and performed by one of our Associate Artists, Nikah is the intimate story of a boy from Bradford – Siddique Akbar Ali.

His name may sound foreign, but he’s very, very British. A cup of Yorkshire tea fills him with comfort and he enjoys all the things a typical 15-year old lad would.

But he has a dark story to tell. His world is about to contort and twist into a nightmare that even he can’t understand; where the people who should love and protect him, take advantage of his naivety and abuse his freedoms.

He is being forced to marry, but he doesn’t know who she is, or what this will mean for him.

Nikah is the inspiring one-man story of endurance, empowerment and the realisation of the self.

You can catch the show at Theatre in the Mill, Ovalhouse and Camden Peoples Theatre.

Mahabhaat Revived

The epic mythological tale of India will soon be realised for stage.

Tribe have started work on a new and exciting revival of India’s sweeping saga of battles and swords; a visual piece that will stage the quintessentially Indian story on the British stage, all done in an awe-inspiringly visceral, comic-book style – think Hollywood’s Greek mythological epic “300” but with Hindu Gods.

Still in-development.


In May 2016, Tribe showcased a tribute to Shakespeare, as part of Bradford Literature Festival, to mark his 400th death anniversary.

It was a unique live feedback sharing showcase, staging a piece of new writing that amalgamated the essential storylines of 6 of his most-loved plays, all done in a unique Gothic-Mughal style.

Tribe are continuing to develop this project towards a full, touring production called “Darokhand”.

En Route to Pluto

A Tribe Arts specially commissioned pop-up performance for the National Media Museum.

Planet Earth has died.

Two lone survivors are currently in the orbit of Pluto. They have tried and failed to populate this planet with DNA cocoons, but have one more shot to keep the human race alive. Will they succeed?